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My friend who bailed on my on my birthday didn’t invite me out to her birthday dinner this past weekend. And so I passive aggressively didn’t say anything to her on her birthday and waited until the day after, wicked burn, I know. But I still feel guilty about it and I shouldn’t because she keeps doing this shitty shit to me and didn’t even care that i didn’t say anything.  

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#is this another 10 year friendship going down the drain?  #i'm really tired of having shitty real life friends  #and then having internet friends who are amazing that live thousands of miles away 

Let’s appreciate some things about these pictures from 2010:

  • I was at a party? In a basement? With a pool table?
  • My sweet SWEET style. Srsly. Check out my #teamevan shirt and my sideways studded belt.
  • LOOK AT HOW INSANELY LONG MY HAIR WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep thinking I want to get it cut again but I miss my messy buns and holy shit that crap is beautiful! Ima grow it out again.
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So I’ve been babysitting for a bunch of families whose kids all go/went to the same small preschool and I’ve been picking kids up from there for about 4 years. My friend just told me they are hiring someone to work just Fridays and OH MAN would that just be ideal. I would get a very small but LEGITIMATE paycheck for the first time in almost 2 years, I could file taxes next year AND I could have someone who knows me in an official environment for a reference for Grad School, all while still watching after my lil babies. 

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one of the worst things about becoming educated on social issues is when people are like ‘you used to have a sense of humor’

no i used to have internalized prejudices which i’ve worked really hard to overcome and i realize now that your jokes are shitty

Always reblog this because becoming more socially aware makes you dislike a lot of people

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww look what my sister-in-law made for my brother for their anniversary!!!!

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girl scouts are letting in trans girls and letting girls replace God with whatever they want in the pledge, also they use cookie income to support abortion and LGBT agendas

boy scouts are just now allowing gay scouts in, officially in january, but gay leaders are still banned and they’re talking about segregation on camping trips, with gay scouts and straight scouts in different tents. also they still ban atheists,

girl scouts: 10000   boy scouts: 0

Girls Scouts have been advocates for diversity and inclusivity since their inception in 1912, to wit:

  • Troops for African-American, Native, and Mexican-American girls established by or before the 1920s
  • Early integration of Scout troops decades before the civil rights movement
  • Special efforts to involve children of migrant workers and military personnel, as well as disabled children
  • Official handbooks and materials offered in multiple languages as well as Braille
  • Girl Scouts Behind Bars, a scouting program for children with incarcerated parents
  • An “all inclusive” official policy in matters of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity - if a child identifies as a girl, she is welcome as a Scout

So feel extra good about those cookies you’re buying, y’all.

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#i hated girl scouts because i was bullied and i had shitty troup leaders with bitchy bully daughters  #but i like girl scouts on the whole  #you go girl scouts  #(and when I asked if we could learn to make a fire (cuz thats what my brother got to do in boyscouts) my shitty troup leader brought in pretzel sticks redhots and marshmallows and we mad 'edible fire' which is TOTAL BULLSHIT)